Earl Bryant -- Founder


I would like to take this time to thank you for visiting our New Web site.  We have worked very hard to give as much information on our group as we can. 

Night Hawks Paranormal was started several years ago by my wife and myself. N.I.G.H.T stands for Newage Investigative Ghost Hunting Team.  This name came about by the equipment we use on investigations.  We use several pieces of high tech equipment along with digital cameras and recorders.

Night Hawks or NHP maintains a high standard in paranormal investigating.  Each case is treated in the most professional manner.  Clients are confidential and only evidence that has been approved by them and myself is published.  We take our mission very seriously and request that anyone that is affiliated with our group act accordingly.

NHP hosts several Haunted Tours to support Historical Sites in Alabama.  We have investigated several of these sites and have tours lined up to do in the upcoming months.  These tours are open to the public for a fee.  This fee is actually a donation to the Historical Site the tour is being done at.  NHP keeps no money for itself.  We are a non-profit group.  Our goal is to perserve our history for our children and their children.